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Everybody may not know your name, but Las Vegas has plenty of great bars where you can ring in the new year, and we have a list of the top places to be. Eve Bet is ceased to operate for a while. We recommend you Unibet instead, one of the most reputable bookmakers that accepts customers from Australia and the UK as well. Click here or on the banner below to open an account there. If you would like to check a wider list of safe betting sites visit

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The weather outside may be frightful, but inside, the toddy’s are hot, themusic is hotter, and 2020 waits just around the corner to surprise us all. I’vefound a bar for just about every style and budget. From the unassuming buttotally rocking to the sophisticated and totally rocking, you are certain tofind a place to drown sorrows you didn’t even know you had. Check out the bestLas Vegas bars for New Year’s Eve.

Rapper and DJ Lil John will be bringing the crunk to the 1 OAK Nightclub thisNew Year’s Eve, making sure everybody present enters the next decade properly.Tickets for the party are still available online as of this writing (December 24th)and are $53.04 for the ladies and $79.03 for the men.

1 Oak describes its dress code as “upscale chic.” Yeah, I don’t know whatthat means, either, but the Nightclub provides a helpful list of stuff you shouldn’t wear: “Hats, t-shirts, chains, excessive jewelry, athletic wear,shorts, baggy attire, sunglasses, sandals/flats, and tennis shoes.” They justdescribed my entire wardrobe.

You need to be 21 to attend. The doors will open at 8pm December 31st,and your ticket gets you dancing and partying, and an open bar from 9pm until11pm, after which the partying and dancing continues, but drinks are gonna cost.

There’s always more info atthe 1 OAKNightclub website.

Cabo Wabo Cantina, Planet Hollywood Resort

Cabo Wabo is not only a great place to get your party on for New Year’s Eve,but it’s also a great street-level location to watch the “Big 20” fireworks atthe turn of the new year. Located in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet HollywoodLas Vegas, Cabo Wabo has a Strip-facing patio where revelers can marvel at allthe colors in the sky at midnight, December 31st.

Two hundred bucks gets you an open bar and access to the patio, as well as tothe dancing and live entertainment. While there is no dress code at Cabo Wabo,this is a New Year’s Eve celebration, perhaps the biggest event you will attendin 2020, so show some style. If you’re unsure, guys, just look at what your dateis wearing, then put on the male equivalent of that.

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There’s more info at the Cabo Wabo website.

Not too keen on getting dressed up and putting on the Ritz? Then think aboutattending the Double Down Saloon’s “Atomic Mayhem’s Twstd DSK0: A DysfunktionalDanse Party.” You can dance to everything from funk to punk, from new wave topsychobilly—it will all be blasting away throughout the night. You don’t likethis song? Wait for the next one. It’ll make your ears bleed, but in a good way.Seriously, what else would you expect from the Double Down?

Hailed as one of the best dive bars in Las Vegas, you’ll find the Double DownSaloon about a mile east of the Strip, nestled in a tiny strip mall across thestreet from a strip club. The party starts off at 10pm and is free to anyone whois 21 years of age and willing to listen to ska. You can learn more witha visit to the Double Downwebsite.

Foundation Room, Mandalay Bay

Feeling classy and want to show it? You can’t go wrong with a table for up tofour at Mandalay Bay’s Foundation Room. For a mere $2,000 (that’s just $500 foreach of the four), you and up to three others can dine and dance and drink stuffyou’ll be paying for long after the hangover has dissipated.

That two grand gets your gang of four admitted into the Foundation RoomLounge 63 floors up, one bottle of premium champagne, and one bottle of what theFoundation calls “premium spirit” but the rest of us call booze or hard likker.

If you’re in a frugal state of mind, you and your date can also gainadmission to the party at $300 per person, but this won’t guarantee a table, oreven seating, for that matter. More importantly, you won’t have access to theLounge’s patio to watch the fireworks. Choose wisely, grasshopper.

There’s w-a-y more info inthe Foundation Room’s online New Year’s Eve brochure (PDF).

Fremont Street Experience doesn’t have a single bar. It has more than 50 ofthem—at least for the America’s Party it is throwing to celebrate the end of2019 and the beginning of some other year (I forget which). Fremont Street hasbeen a mecca of sorts for New Year’s Eve revelers since at least the Pleistoceneera, and for good reason. With the exception of Times Square—in that other placethat claims to never sleep—Fremont Street is the only place you can party withtens of thousands of other people.

In addition to regular shows on the huge overhead LED screen—recentlyrefurbished and improved for this event—there will be four stages featuring nameentertainment throughout the evening.

What names, you ask? How about The Chainsmokers, Imagine Dragons, Steve Aoki,and Tiesto? Incidentally, one of the four stages is reserved for EDM music,dancers, and aerialists—yes, I said aerialists.

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Fremont Street will be gated off during the party, and admission is apittance—$45 per person. There’s no dress code available, but if there was, Isuspect it would be something along the lines of “dress warmly.” You canpurchase tickets or find additional information atthe Fremont Street Experience website.

Hakkasan Nightclub, MGM Grand

Who needs fireworks when you can party until next year underthe Hakkasan Grid?Swirling, ever-changing lights dancing above your head to DJ Steve Aoki’smusical selections will help you deal with the dazed and confused feelingsyou’ll get from the open bar between 8pm and 10pm Tuesday, December 31st.

Naturally, you must be at least 21 years of age and dressed appropriately toget in. The Nightclub does not have a particularly stringent dress code, butthis is New Year’s Eve, baby! Dress for success, and by success, I mean makeyourself attractive to the opposite sex, whatever that may be. Tickets for theevent are available online, and women can attend for $79.69 while the men mustpay $131.98.

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There are also VIP tickets for sale online—$100 for ladies, $150 formen—which include a $100 “bar card” to cover your dinking needs after the openbar closes at 10pm. There’s always more info atthe Hakkasanwebsite.

PT’s Taverns is a chain of small casinos featuring video poker, keno, andslot machines. If you live anywhere in Las Vegas Valley, there’s at least onePT’s Tavern within walking distance of you.

PT’s Taverns are the gambling equivalent to the neighborhood bar. They areplaces where it is possible that everybody does know your name. In anycase, if you prefer to gamble a little for New Year’s Eve, have a of champagne,and then go home and sleep the Sleep of the Just, PT’s Taverns is yourhuckleberry.

At midnight New Year’s Eve, PT’s Taverns will treat all its guests to acomplimentary glass of champagne, and then until 6am, it will offer $4 shots ofJameson’s along with half-price pizzas. Jimmy Stewart was right—It’s a GoodLife.

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There’s more info to be found atthe PT’s Taverns website.

Club Crawls

If you still can’t make up your mind about which Las Vegas bar to spend NewYear’s Eve at, do what I do: Get somebody else to do your thinking for you. Inthis case, just sign up for the Las Vegas New Year’s Eve Pub Crawl organized andrun by LA Epic Club Crawls Las Vegas. You gotta love it when everything worksout just right.

While LA Epic Club Crawls is being coy about the specific bars it will crawl,we can guess they’re going to be visiting a soupçon of the hottestclubs in Vegas during one of the four tours they’re presenting. How? They aretelling us nothing, but they are revealing everything—including the clubs atwhich each of the four tours will end. They are:

  • Chateau Nightclub, Paris Las Vegas
  • XS Nightclub, Wynn Las Vegas
  • Jewel Nightclub, Aria Resort & Casino
  • Encore Beach Club, Wynn Las Vegas

The pub crawls run from $89 to $109, and that includes entry into the variousclubs along the way (no additional cover charges), drink specials and activitiesat each stop, and a team of party hosts to accompany each group of revelers fromvenue to venue. They have a strictly-enforced dress code—it’s “Dress toimpress.” You can learn more with a visit to theLA Epic Club Crawls Las Vegaswebsite.

Get all tarted up and chum with the upper-crusties at the SkyBar’s New Year’sEve Cocktail Party.

The SkyBar at the Waldorf is ringing in 2020 with style and elegance withsomething they call a “Burlesque-inspired New Year’s Eve Party.” Well, whatwould you call a party sponsored by two great champagne makers likeMoët and Chandon? And don’t say “shindig” because that would make me very cross.

Not only do you get a great view of the “Big 20” fireworks show, but therewill be plenty of live entertainment and hundreds of other people living beyondtheir means with whom you can commiserate while sipping champagne from somelady’s slipper.

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Waldorf Hotel guests are offered discounted rates, while those of us notcurrently quite that liquid can join the festivities for as little as $150 perperson—if we buy our tickets prior to December 31st; tickets boughton New Year’s Ever are $200 per person. Additionally, the price for reserving atable at the SkyBar starts at $1,000.

Incidentally, the regular dress code at SkyBar is “Smart Casual,” so considerthat to be a good starting level to use while selecting your wardrobe for theNew Year’s Eve festivities. You can learn more about the Skybar’s New Year’s Evefestivities with a visit to theWaldorf Astoria’s Home for the Holidays page.

Skyfall Lounge, Delano Las Vegas

Don’t confuse the Waldorf’s SkyBar with the Delano’s Skyfall. One is clearlyhoity-toity, while the other is fancy-schmancy. With that information in mind,you should have no problem differentiating between the two.

Seriously, though, to celebrate the end of 2019 and the beginning of2020—something that will happen only once in your lifetime, by the way—SkyfallLounge at the Delano Las Vegas is throwing a “Prohibition Party” for New Year’sEve. Tickets are currently at $220 per person, which includes an open bar. Thedress code is “Nightlife Attire.”

Incidentally, Skyfall Lounge is located on the 64th floor of theDelano Hotel, right next to Rivea restaurant. The Lounge has huge windowsoffering an expansive view of the Las Vegas skyline, as well as the “Big 20”fireworks display.

There’s always more info attheSkyfall Lounge website.

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What to Remember About New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

Just remember that wherever in Sin City you choose to celebrate New Year’sEve, there will be thousands of others with the same idea. Plan your tripcarefully and arrive much earlier than you would normally. And always have aPlan B for parking arrangements, since most self-parking and valet garages willbe full by 5pm New Year’s Eve.

In fact, since you will be partying quite hardy indeed, I recommend you haveUber or Lyft (or both) on your smartphone. Dress warmly, have fun, and what theheck—do something you’ll live to regret. Happy New Year!

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Oh, one last thing: There are many other bars and clubs in the Las Vegas areathat are perfectly suitable for your NYE activities. I talked about a few ofthem here when discussing the best happy hours in Las Vegas.

And if all you’re looking for is the best place to watch the fireworks on NewYear’s Eve on the Vegas Strip,check out this post.