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Dec 31, 2019  Ignition Bonus Code: Ignition Casino Welcome Bonus – Poker Bonus up to $1K. Our focus in this review is the Ignition Casino, but we’d be remiss not to mention the Ignition Poker welcome bonus. The reason for this is that when you make your initial deposit and take advantage of the casino welcome bonus, you’re also going to get credit for. Jan 19, 2018  Sounds like bonus offers do not end at Ignition Casino? May be that's true, because time over again this casino has something new for all its players. With the Weekly Boost Bonus of Ignition Casino, climb up the adventure level and grab a 100% match up to $100. Just redeem the code while making a deposit and claim the exciting bonus prize.

My Ignition Poker review looks at the site from the perspective of new players, rather than from that of someone who was migrated to the site from Bovada Poker in September 2016. It explains what sets Ignition Poker apart from other US poker sites and how you can take advantage of the excellent range of opportunities. If you are ready to “unlock the action” without delay, click the “PLAY NOW” button.

Introduction to Ignition Poker

Ignition Poker was launched in mid-2016 as an online poker site exclusively for US players. Soon after the (temporary) closure of Bovada Poker was announced, all the players from Bovada Poker migrated to Ignition Poker – giving the site an immediate boost in traffic. Then, in July 2017 Ignition Poker opened its doors to players in Australia following the country´s domestic ban on most online gambling operators, further increasing the number of players using the site.


The popularity of Ignition Poker is not only attributable to picking up players who had nowhere else to play. One of the site´s best features for new and casual players is its anonymous tables. Players are represented by seat numbers, rather than by user names, and this prevents more experienced players using poker software in order to gain an advantage at the tables. Anonymous tables helps level the playing field and provides new and casual players with a fairer poker environment.

Ignition Poker Bonus

The Ignition Poker bonus is a 100% match on first deposits up to $1,000, plus another 100% on first deposits at the site´s casino up to $1,000. The Ignition Casino bonus is pretty good. It has a low rollover requirement if you like playing slots and there is plenty of time allowed to clear it. Further information about this bonus can be found in my Ignition Casino review. However, for the purposes of my Ignition Poker review, I am only going to focus on the poker element of the bonus.

The poker bonus is remarkably straightforward – and exceedingly generous in terms of how it is cleared. Once you make your first deposit, an equivalent amount is placed into your bonus account. You transfer funds from your bonus account to your real money account by collecting Ignition Miles when you contribute to the rake deducted from a cash game or pay a fee to enter a Sit & Go game or Multi-Table Tournament. $5 of your outstanding bonus is transferred for each 150 Ignition Miles collected.

What makes the Ignition Poker first deposit bonus so generous is that Ignition Miles are awarded at the rate of 15 per dollar contributed to the rake or paid in tournament entry fees. So, once you have paid $10, you will automatically receive $5 in bonus. It is the equivalent to 50% rakeback, which is a better return than at any other USA-friendly poker site. Unfortunately, the first deposit offer only lasts for thirty days, after which any unclaimed bonus will be forfeited.

How Long Does it Take to Clear the Ignition Poker Bonus?

GameFull Ring Hold´emZone PokerRegular Sit & GoJackpot Sit & GoTournament
Hands/Games per Hour60 x 4120 x 412186
% Participation33%20%100%100%100%
Average Pot Size$2.00$2.00n/an/an/a
Rake per Hand/Game$0.05$0.05$0.50$0.46$0.50
Rake Paid per Hour$3.90$4.80$6.00$8.28$3.00
Points Awarded per Hour58.5072.0090.00124.2045.00
Hours Required to Clear Bonus128.20104.1683.3360.48166.67

In the table above, the following assumptions have been made:

  • The amount of the first deposit in this example is $250. This justifies buying into $.010/$0.25 cash games and playing in tournaments with a $5.50 or $7.00 buy-in. You should adjust the buy-in amounts accordingly if you deposit more or less than $250.
  • The “Hands/Games per Hour” figure assumes you are multitabling four tables. Therefore, the figure of “40 x 4” corresponds to forty hands per hour on each of four tables. During peak hours, the actual rate of hands per hour may be faster.
  • The “% Participation” figure for cash games is based on the average number of players seeing flop per hand. Your actual % participation may fluctuation according to your playing style (loose, tight, aggressive, etc.).
  • To clear a $250 first deposit bonus, you need to earn 7,500 Ignition Miles. Therefore, to calculate the “Hours Required to Clear Bonus” figure, I have divided 7,500 by the “Points Awarded per Hour” figure.

Please note this information is provided for illustration purposes only. Due to the number of variables, it cannot and should not be relied upon as a guide to plan your online poker action.

Ignition Poker Download, Mac and Mobile Compatibility

The Ignition Poker download is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. When you click on the “Download Poker” button to start the installation process, Ignition´s software will identify which of the two operating systems you are using and send the appropriate file to your computer. The minimum system requirements are Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.7 (or later) with 200 Mb of free space and 1 GB of memory.

Players who want to play Ignition Poker on a mobile do not need to download special software or apps. Simply visit the site from your iPhone or Android device and log into your account. The Ignition Poker mobile website gives you access to the full range of games that is available via the PC software download – having added Sit & Go games and Multi-Table Tournaments to the mobile platform in October 2018.

The Range of Games at Ignition Poker

The range of cash games is much what you might expect from a leading online poker site. Ignition Poker hosts “regular” cash games in NL Hold´em, Omaha, and Omaha Hi/Lo, with players having the option of choosing whether to play heads-up or on a 6-Max or full ring table. For players looking to clear the first deposit bonus a little quicker, Ignition Poker also has games of fast-fold Zone Poker with stakes ranging between $0.02/$0.05 and $2.50/$5.00.

The range of Sit & Go games and hyper-turbo Jackpot games is actually very good, and most games tend to fill up quite quickly – even outside peak times. However, what really sets Ignition Poker apart from other US facing poker sites is its tournament schedule, which is packed full of valuable events that don´t have the long registration periods you will find on many other sites and that pay the top 20% of the field to distribute more money to more players.

Promotions and Player Rewards Program

It is interesting that Ignition Poker maintains its position as the number 1 USA-friendly poker site without throwing a lot of money at promotions. That´s not to say there are none at all. The site has “Bad Beat” and “Royal Flush” promotions, and frequently run valuable tournament series with seven-figure guarantees despite there being very little chance of an overlay in either the feature events or the satellites feeding into them.

The player rewards program was updated in December 2019 to an eight level scheme that rewards players with discounted exchanges for tournament tickets and casino bonus the higher they climb through the statuses. Ignition Poker now also awards daily cashback at rates of up to 15% and – an important consideration if you intend making Ignition Poker a permanent home – your status level never falls once you have achieved it.

The Level of Competition and Volume of Traffic

The level of competition and volume of traffic are major positives for the site. I have already mentioned how anonymous tables level the playing field between new and experienced players, and many “good” players – or those using player tracking aids – tend to stay away from Ignition Poker, enabling “decent” players to enjoy a lucrative experience simply by playing ABC poker.

The opportunity for “decent” players to enjoy a lucrative experience drives thousands of players to Ignition Poker – ensuring that there are always cash games available, that Sit & Go games fill up quickly, and that the value of tournaments continues to grow. The level of competition and the amount of traffic are my two main reasons for recommending the site to US and Australian poker players.

Player Security and Customer Support

Ignition Poker and Casino is run by a team with many years´ experience. I have played on the team´s sites since the early 2000s without a problem, and it doesn´t appear I am the only one. It is always a good idea to review players´ comments in online poker forums before recommending an online poker site; and, judging by the reports of cash outs being processed quickly and queries being resolved expertly, I would suggest most players are happy with the player security and customer support.

If you need any help when you first start playing at Ignition Poker, you will find a whole library of Help pages on Ignition´s website. If these don´t resolve your problem, you can contact the site by email or by live chat. Live chat can be accessed via the website or poker client. Simply click on the cashier button in the poker client and then click the “Chat Now” link alongside where it reads “Any Questions?”


  • Pro #1 – Assuming that the level of competition and traffic volumes remain the same as before, you should always get a game at Ignition Poker.
  • Pro #2 – The software has been updated and has tons of customizable features. You can now play up to 20 tables at a time on the Windows download.
  • Con #1 – The full first deposit poker bonus is hard to clear within thirty days if you only have a limited amount of time available or are a micro-stakes player.
  • Con #2 – There are charges for depositing and withdrawing through any method other than Bitcoin. There are also quite low limits to how much you can withdraw.

Ignition Poker: Review Conclusion

I really like Ignition Poker. Sure, it doesn’t have million dollar tournaments or six-figure Bad Beat Jackpots, but it is solid, reliable, and fair. I particularly like testing my skills on a level playing field, taking advantage of the comprehensive satellite schedule to qualify for valuable tournaments, and the new Miles rewards program that won´t penalize me for taking a break from the action every now and then.

If you have not yet played at the site, it is worth consideration. You don´t have to deposit $1,000 to benefit from the first deposit bonus if it is beyond your comfort zone. Just start with $50 or so and see how you get on. There are plenty of players who have built decent bankrolls from modest beginnings; and, at Ignition Poker, you have a better chance of emulating them than at any other USA poker site.

Ignition Poker FAQ

What is Zone Poker?

In Zone Poker, if you don´t like the hand you have been dealt – or the flop doesn´t fall kindly for you – you can “fast-fold” your hand and be taken to a new table at which you will be instantly dealt a new hand. Playing Zone Poker at Ignition Poker means you don´t have to wait after folding your cards for the hand you were in to finish before getting re-involved in the action.

Ignition Poker offers fast-fold Zone Poker in No Limit Texas Hold´em, Pot Limit Omaha, and Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo at stakes between $0.02/$0.05 and $2.50/$5.00. It´s a great game to play if you lack the patience to play at a regular table, or if you are in the process of clearing the Ignition Poker bonus as you get to play more hands per hour (which means you collect more Ignition Miles per hour).

How Easy is it to Deposit and Withdraw at Ignition Poker?

Ignition Poker lets you to fund your account using major credit cards, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. I recommend using Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash as credit card deposits can attract a fee of 5.9%. Your deposit is also 100% guaranteed to be accepted if you use cryptocurrency, whereas credit card deposits can sometimes be rejected depending on your card issuer.

You can request a free withdrawal by Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash once every three days. You can also request a withdrawal by check, but you are only allowed one free check withdrawal every ninety days. Additional check withdrawals attract a fee of $100, so I don´t recommend this method.

With regard to payment issues, I´ve never experienced any, and – judging by the positive comments on the Reddit Ignition Poker thread – neither have many other players. While searching through the Reddit Ignition Poker thread, I did find one contributor – “17FocusRS” – who seems to have got his payment schedule really well organized and looks as if he is enjoying profitable sessions on a regular basis:


Is Ignition Poker Rigged?

Absolutely Not. Because Ignition Poker is the most popular US-friendly poker site, you will likely hear more bad beat stories from players at Ignition Poker than at any other site – that´s just math (more people = more moans). Apparently, the reason behind any misconceptions that Ignition Poker is rigged – or any other US poker site – is psychology; and I have to thank another contributor to the Ignition Poker Reddit thread – “IADaveMark” – for this explanation:


How Does Ignition Poker Rake Games?

Ignition Poker makes its money by deducting a rake from cash game pots or by charging a fee to enter a Sit & Go or multitable tournament. Cash game rake at Ignition Poker is $0.01 for every $0.20 in the pot, but is capped according to the number of players in the hand and the stakes being played for (see table below). Fees are 10% of the Sit & Go/tournament buy-in, or less when you play higher buy-in events.

Ignition Poker Rake for Cash Games
Stakes up to and including $0.10/$0.25
Number of PlayersMax Rake
Stakes above $0.10/$0.25 up to $10.00/$20.00
Number of PlayersMax Rake

Is Ignition Poker Legal in My Jurisdiction?

This is a grey area. You will not be breaking any laws if you play online poker at Ignition Poker unless you live in Washington State. However, because of licensing restrictions, at the time of writing this Ignition Poker review, the site does not accept new players from DE, MD, NJ, or NV. Because of the fluid nature of online gambling regulation in the US, I advise you to read Ignition Poker´s terms and conditions before registering for an account.

If you live in Australia, the situation is even more complicated. The Interactive Gambling Act had the intention of prohibiting unlicensed sports betting operations, and online poker was caught up in the legislation. The government has indicated it is in favor of regulating online poker, but hasn´t got around to it yet. Consequently, there is no enforcement action being taken against operators offering online poker. Like in the USA though, this situation could change.

What about Ignition Poker Connection Issues?

If you have read the question “is Ignition Poker rigged”, you will understand why you hear so much about Ignition Poker connection issues (more players = more moans). Connection issues get mentioned quite a lot on the 2+2 Ignition Poker forum where they tend to be isolated cases (i.e. one person asking if anybody else is having connection issues); but, because they get mentioned quite a lot on the 2+2 Ignition Poker forum, it is also a great place to find solutions if you experience a problem. Most of the times if the problems continue it comes down to doing a Windows update, or to download the latest Ignition Poker software and doing an uninstall and install again.

What is the Ignition Poker Contact Phone Number for Customer Support?

The site recently published a comprehensive Help Center on its website to answer Frequently Asked Questions about Ignition Poker; but if you can´t find an answer for your specific question, live chat is available in the cashier, you can email the site via an online contact form, or you can contact Ignition Poker Customer Support by calling 1-855-370-0600.

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April 25th, 2018 Last updated on October 21st, 2019
Ignition Poker Highlights
  • Daily tournaments & cash games running 24/7
  • 100% bonus up to $2000 for poker
  • Excellent mobile poker app

With the biggest player pool of any US friendly offshore poker site – Ignition Poker are able to offer a bigger choice of cash games, poker tournaments and sit n goes than all the other US sites combined. New players can get $2000 deposit bonus to help check out the real money games. You’ll find the super-fast Zone Poker, mobile poker options and a huge $2 million in tournament guarantees every week.

How Tough is the Competition at Ignition Poker?

The success of this site has been attributed to some policies they put in place to prevent their poker games being overrun with pro or semi-pro grinders. This is known as the ‘recreational player model’ and has 3 parts:

  1. First, there are no screen names, you simply play as a seat number.This stops 3rd party tracking services from highlighting the weaker / losing players.
  2. 3rd Party tools such as ‘heads-up-displays’ and advice engines are not allowed.While some people still use them, the anonymous play severely limits their usefulness.
  3. Multi-tabling is restricted; it is only possible to play 4 cash games or SNGs at one time (though you can play more tournaments). This means that good / winning players are not at 12 tables each, making them over-represented compared to 1 or 2 tabling amateurs.

These rules go a long way to keeping the games soft – though the size of the site and number of new and inexperienced players does attract some good players. The key is to exercise table selection. There are plenty of easy games, so if you feel a table is full of ‘grinders’, then simply find another one. Compared to the cash games, tournaments are very soft – and a great place to start if you are new to US online poker.

Deposits and Cashouts at Ignition Casino

There are two main options when it comes to getting your money on board at Ignition. Bitcoin is fast-becoming the go-to option for US based online poker fans. This has several advantages – with the main one being that it is not in the jurisdiction of banks and financial authorities who restrict gambling site deposits! Setting up a Bitcoin wallet is very easy these days, and no longer just for technical people. Once you are set up, deposits will be instant. You will play in Dollars, with your deposit converted at the exchange rate at the time you make it.

The other group of deposit options involves credit cards. MasterCard, Visa and Amex brands are welcomed. You’ll be making a foreign purchase with your card, and many transactions will go through first time. If you do get blocked, then you could consider a pre-paid Visa card instead.

Withdrawals are via Bitcoin (though only if you have previously deposited with this) or via a paper check. There is no administration charge for the first check each month – though additional withdrawals will incur a fee.

How Valuable Are Promotions and Bonuses at Ignition Poker?

Ignition offers all new players a $2000 deposit bonus. This bonus clears at 15 points per dollar, and can be cleared in increments, with $5 coming your way after 15 points, then instalments as you hit the 400 points required to fully clear it. If you enjoy casino games – then you can claim an additional $1000 bonus for those on top.

I would rate the poker bonus at Ignition Poker as very easy to clear, and the promotions should help to keep your bankroll topped up for a long time to come.

Poker Points are used for the main loyalty scheme. At the moment points which are earned in real money play can be used to buy tournament entries. This is up to and including the Sunday $100k guaranteed, which would normally cost $162.

Promotions change all the time, and include special offers tied into the big sporting events, winning seats in live poker tournaments in Vegas and beyond – and many weekday specials too. Make sure you keep your eye on the Ignition Casino website to make sure that you do not miss out on the latest offers.

Other Products at Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino Poker Room

There is a lot more to this site than just a poker room, with slots, table games and entertaining specialty games too. Here is what to expect:

  • Slots: Ignition have a huge range of slots from RealTime Gaming and Rival Gaming. As well as classic slots, you’ll find interactive video slots with bonus games and crazy features. Some games have huge jackpots too.
  • Casino Table Games:The variations of Blackjack, Roulette, Casino Poker and others will keep table games fans entertained.
  • Other Games:Video Poker is a popular option, along with Keno, Bingo and several instant win type games too.

Breaking Down the Ignition Casino Poker Software

The best way to describe the poker software used by the Ignition Casino would be ‘solid and functional’. This is not the most visually attractive client, if anything looking a little dated – especially when compared to the bigger global sites.

You’ll find very easy navigation, with the 4 main game types at the very top of the screen (Cash Games, Zone Poker, Tournaments and Sit N Goes). Once you select one a line of boxes with different buy-in options and game types appear. By default, all the options are ticked, you can click to untick the options you do not need, which then narrows the choice of tables or tournaments to better suit your needs.

Ignition Casino Poker Bonus Code

The tables are divided into segments with lines – you’ll see a spotlight on each player as it is their turn to act. There are no screen names at the tables, just seat numbers (or player numbers for tournaments).

You can download the poker client onto Windows or Mac computers.

Ignition Poker Welcome Bonus

Mobile Options for Ignition Poker

A mobile poker app is enabled via a responsive in-browser version of the client. This works on both phones and tablets (including Apple devices). At the time of writing only Zone Poker and cash games are available for mobiles, and you can only play one table at a time.

Ignition Poker Ownership and License Information

Ignition Poker is owned by a company called Lynton Ltd, and is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission from their territory inside Canada. The fairness of the deal at Ignition Casino has been independently verified by iGaming Labs.

Play now at Ignition Poker

Ignition Casino Poker Tournaments

  • Bonus:2000
  • Licenced:Antigua
  • Banned States:NY, MD, and WA
  • Payment Options:Visa, Bitcoin, Mastercard, Bank Wire
  • Support:Click Here
  • Legal Info:Click Here