Texas Holdem Odds Of Quads

A little over 1 every 10 odds of getting quads in texas holdem hands the worst will defeat the best, just because of the possible random combination that a 52 cards deck can generate.Blackjack The best result is landing a 10-rank card and an Ace in your initial two-card hand. Finding an awesome web poker bonus is as crucial as finding an excellent poker room. Jan 04, 2005  How to Calculate Pot and Hand Odds in Limit Hold 'Em Poker. When playing poker, you are often faced with the decision whether to call or fold to a bet. One way to determine whether to call is to see if the amount of money in the pot. A List of Long-Shot Odds in Texas Holdem Texas Hold 'em - Probability - General - Wizard of Odds Poker Probabilities - Wizard of Odds 20 Texas Hold'em Poker Odds & Statistics You Should Know What is the probability of a straight flush? Therefore, any strategy is useless.

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Texas holdem odds and statistics

Calculate Poker Odds Texas Holdem

Example drawing toOutsMake on turnMake on riverMake on turn or river
Inside straight flush;
Four of a kind
Open-ended straight flush;
Three of a kind
High pair30.063814.7-10.065214.3-10.12497.01-1
Inside straight;
Full house
Three of a kind or two pair50.10648.40-10.10878.20-10.20353.91-1
Either pair60.12776.83-10.13046.67-10.24143.14-1
Full house or four of a kind; (see note)
Inside straight or high pair
Open-ended straight80.17024.88-10.17394.75-10.31452.18-1
Inside straight or pair100.21283.70-10.21743.60-10.38391.60-1
Open-ended straight or high pair110.23403.27-10.23913.18-10.41721.40-1
Inside straight or flush;
Flush or high pair
Open-ended straight or pair140.29792.36-10.30432.29-10.51160.955-1
Open-ended straight or flush;
Flush or pair; Inside straight,
flush or high pair
Inside straight or flush or pair;
Open-ended straight, flush or high pair
Open-ended straight, flush or pair210.44681.24-10.45651.19-10.69940.430-1

The following Texas Hold em oddsTexas holdem poker app free. table highlights some common probabilities that you may encounter in Hold'em. It is not vital that you learn these probabilities, but it is useful to be aware of the chances of certain situations arising.

Texas Hold'em odds chart.

SituationPercentage OddsRatio Odds
Preflop Probabilities:
Dealt AA.0.45%220 to 1
Dealt AK.1.2%82 to 1
Dealt AKs.0.3%331 to 1
Dealt 72o.0.9%109 to 1
Being dealt AA vs. KK (heads up).0.004%22,559 to 1
Dealt a pocket pair.6%16 to 1
Dealt suited connectors.4%24 to 1
Flop Probabilities:
Flopping a pair.32.4%2.2 to 1
Flopping a set (with pockets).11.8%7.5 to 1
Paired Board:
2 players, probability of trips.17%4.8 to 1
3 players, probability of trips.26%3 to 1
4 players, probability of trips.34%2 to 1
5 players, probability of trips.43%1.4 to 1

How to use Texas Hold'em odds.

Wizard Of Odds Texas Holdem Calculator

The odds in this Texas Hold'em odds table are unlikely to directly help your overall strategy, but they are pretty interesting nonetheless. The Texas Hold'em odds for each of the different situations have been given in both percentage and ratio odds, so use whichever format you feel comfortable with.

Other poker odds charts.

For more useful odds charts that you can use for when you are working out whether or not to call when on a drawing hand, use the following tables:

Both of these tables give the odds for completing your draw depending on how many outs you have. You can find out more on how to work out odds and all that mathematical stuff in the article on pot odds.

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