What Are Bingo Slot Machines

If you ever dreamed of playing a bingo game and a slot machine together, you can’t miss this amazing gamble called Electro Bingo by Microgaming. Microgaming is a fairly new company, but already offers more than 150 titles in its collection. Their specialty is machines made for desktop and mobile platforms, which means they are using the HTML5 technology and support touch-based controls. You can play Bingo free slot using your PC or mobile devices and completely for free. No download or registration needed.

The gamble was released in a long time ago, but there is another version with the same name, but using only 3 reels and 1 pay line. This is the 5-reel, 25 pay-line version, which we recommend to choose. It also includes 3 special figures. The ruleset is quite easy, so it’s also suited for beginners. If you are looking for a simple yet entertaining and rewarding gambling, take a look at this exciting and low-risk machine.

Interface & Controls in Electro Bingo

As you can see, the interface looks like a real bingo card. Even the signs are round-shaped, which reminds bingo balls. The main controls are located at the bottom. The most important ones are:

Class II machines only mimic slots but they have bingo soul: the outcome of the game is determined by the draw of the bingo numbers, which are later translated into slot reel combinations. So, think of it this way – when you place a wager on such devices, you, actually, buy a lottery ticket. Lucky Pants Bingo presents to you its big collection of online slots, an assortment of the slot games online! Whether you’re a novice to the reels or an experienced spinner, you’ll soon find the perfect game for you with our wide range of online slot games – also known as instant games.

Bingo Slot Machines For Sale

  • Balance: Shows your current balance. You can play Bingo free slot with a complimentary balance of 500 coins.
  • Auto play: It supports automatic spins of the reels, up to 1.000 spins.
  • Coins / Lines: You can adjust the bet and the number of pay lines from here. Playing with all of the lines is recommended.
  • Total Bet: Shows the cost of per spin.
  • View Payout: Opens the paytable, where you can see the rules and payouts in details.
  • Spin: Self-explanatory. Hit this one to spin the reels.
  • Options: This one is located at the top right side of the interface. You can turn on/off the symbol animations, sound effects, and music from here. We recommend keeping the music on – it is a nice piano theme and sounds very relaxing.

You can also play in full screen by clicking the same-named button located at the bottom-right side of the screen.

Main Features and Rules

Free online Bingo slot machine consists of 5 reels and 25 pay lines. Once you hit the “spin” button, the reels will start to spin. If a winning combination occurs on any of these pay lines when they stop, you will get paid according to the paytable.

These are real lines, which connects both sides of the reels together. You can see what they look like from the “view payout” page. It is necessary to land at least 2 identical symbols together to form a winning combination. Landing 3 or more will be better; because the more the number of figures, the greater the rewards. Prize amounts are different because each icon pays a different amount.

These combinations are calculated from left to right. The only exception is the scatter; it pays on any position and does not have to appear on a line to award you. The RTP value, which represents the theoretically expected payback, is 97.26%. Without giving too much technical detail, 97.26% RTP value will give back 97.26 of each 100 dollars you spent in the long run.

Players usually prefer games with 95% RTP and over. Bingo slot game offers a very good value so that you can expect higher winning odds. Your maximum loss will only be 2.74$ in the long run. During our test runs, we managed to trigger the bonus round more than once and got frequent winnings. Play slot games for fun. The gamble won’t make you rich with only one spin but will give you constant prizes regularly in small quantities.

Main & Extra Signs

There are 8 main signs in free online Bingo slot machine. These are shown with numbers, from 1 to 8. Each one has a different payout, and they all need to land in a different number to give an award. For example, you need at least three “number 2” for a prize. On the other hand, “number 7” pays even with only 2. The most valued one is “number 8,” which pays 3.000 coins for receiving 5 of them. Take a look at the paytable to see all of the symbols and their payouts.

There are 3 bonuses in total presented:

  • Wild: It can be used to complete any combination and substitutes all other symbols. The only two exceptions are the scatter and extra symbols. The wild looks like a purple ball and doesn’t offer any separate payout.
  • Scatter: An orange colored ball counts as the scatter. As we mentioned above, it pays on any position and up to 50 coins. It also activates a bonus round, which we will explain below.
  • Bonus: Bonus symbol is shown with a yellow colored ball. It acts as the jackpot icon and awards up to 7.680 coins if you manage to hit 5 of them at the same time.

Bingo And Slots

How to Activate Extra Rounds

There is only one bonus round in Bingo slot game, and it is the free spins round. To activate it, you need to receive 3 or more scatter symbols at the same time anywhere on the reels. The round will automatically start and award you 50 free spins. During this feature, winnings are multiplied by the bet and added to the pay line wins. Free games round can be re-triggered anytime during the main game. You can also hit bonus symbols and win the Jackpot during the feature.

Bingo Based Slots In Oklahoma

Maximum Prize & Betting Range

The maximum prize (jackpot) you can win is 7.680 coins. To achieve this, you need to land a certain number of bonus symbols on a pay line. Different numbers award gamesters different prizes:

Number of Bonus SymbolsCoins

Winning the Bingo slot machine game jackpot is based on pure luck. It is mandatory to play with the maximum bet amount to be able to win the Jackpot.

As for the betting range, you have multiple options. The lowest bet you can place is 0.01 coin per line. If you prefer to play all 25 lines available, the minimum total bet becomes 0.25 coin. Likewise, the highest wager per line is 5.00, and the maximum total stake is 125.00 coins. We recommend starting with the lowest stake amount possible and slowly raise it once you start winning.

Tips & Tricks

There aren’t many tips and tricks we can give for Bingo slot machine game as it requires only luck. However, keep these in mind while playing:

  • The paytable doesn’t change itself according to the bet amounts. In other words, you can win up to 3.000 coins even when you play with 0.25 coin per spin. However, if you want to win the jackpot prize too, placing the maximum bet available (125 coins) is mandatory.
  • It is possible to change the number of pay lines and play only, for example, with one line. However, we don’t recommend this. Playing with fewer lines will lower the cost of the total bet along with your overall winning chances. Use all of the pay lines available.
  • You can play the demo version completely for free and as long as you want. Before moving on to the real money version, practice as more as possible to get a better understanding of the Bingo slot game and its rules.
  • You can start playing with real money any time you want. Online casinos may offer extra bonuses and higher payouts. Do your research beforehand (for example, a casino may offer 100 free spins instead of the default 50).
  • No registration needed, so you can start playing literally in seconds. This is an advantage, and you are not forced to share your personal information.

Overall, this is a basic game with classic features of this category. If you are looking for extraordinary prizes and more than one bonus round, it is better to look elsewhere. However, if you’re looking for a simple yet entertaining gamble, you must try it! Both professionals and beginners can play, but the latter will enjoy more because of the easy-to-understand ruleset.

by Frank Legato

Class II: Is It Fair?

Electronic bingo games are becoming more sophisticated and more like traditional slot games.

When the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 (IGRA) established the various classes of gaming permissible by Native American tribes on reservation lands, the law designated bingo and similar games under the heading of “Class II.” The classification was established to allow tribes to hold bingo games on their reservations, but it stipulated that “electronic aids” could be used to simulate bingo.

That stipulation led to electronic versions of the game of bingo, which eventually took the form of Class II-style slot machines, known as Bingo Games. The Class II Bingo Games would essentially be a game of bingo, with prizes drawn from the overall money wagered. Those prizes, however, would be displayed as reel results on the slot machines.

In recent years, those Class II bingo machines have become more and more like their traditional, or “Class III,” slot cousins in Las Vegas. The Seminole Hard Rock properties in Florida represent the state of the art in Class II sophistication. The central computer system, developed by a team headed by former IGT systems chief Lyle Bell (now the CIO for the Seminole Hard Rocks), was created with a singular purpose—to provide a player’s-club experience to simulate the Class III slot experience on a Class II floor. Meanwhile, Casino Operations Senior VP, Charles Lombardo—formerly slot operations VP at Caesars Palace—worked with the major slot manufacturers, who refined Class II technology to provide games that look and play like the traditional games.

Though they are technically electronic bingo games, the Hard Rock’s slots mimic the traditional Las Vegas-style games in every way. Other than the LCD screen that shows the bingo patterns appearing with every spin, it is hard to tell the difference.


How do they make bingo games behave like slot machines? And how are the payback percentages determined? The answer to both can be summed up in one word: mathematics. The Class II electronic bingo games at the Hard Rock are programmed with mathematical calculations to mimic Class III games as closely as possible while remaining within the definition of Class II bingo that is contained in IGRA.

Under IGRA, a Class II game must have a draw of bingo balls, and must result in what is called a “game-ending pattern.” That is a pattern of numbers—two, three, four in a row; diagonal, vertical, four corners of the bingo card, etc.—that ends the game with a winning result.

According to Lombardo, this occurs continuously. “We have a 20-millisecond window, and anyone (in the casino) pushing the Play button during that window is put in the game for that common ball draw,” he explains. “It must be at least two players, but the maximum is unlimited. If it is a minimum of two, one of them gets a bingo—a winning pattern.” He says every ball draw results in at least one bingo.

How do the payback percentages work? One of two ways, says Lombardo. In one style of game, the calculations relate to the stack of possible outcomes loaded into the central computer. In this style of game, there is always a 50-percent hit frequency—one of every two spins on average results in a bingo, with a prize determined from a finite pool of outcomes loaded into the computer. When the bingo game is over, the computer selects a prize from the top of an electronic “stack” and feeds it to one of the games with a winning outcome. To the player, it looks, for instance, like a mixed-bar win for $5. That just means a $5 prize has been awarded from the results of the bingo game.

The overall payback percentage in this case is governed by how many results equal to each prize amount are included in the finite stack of prizes. Just like the universe of numbers from which the random number generator in a regular slot selects reel outcomes, the payback percentage here is determined by the universe of prizes available for each winning result. The hit frequency is always 50 percent, but the payback percentage is determined by how many $2 prizes, how many 75-cent prizes, how many $1,000 prizes, and so on, are loaded into the program.

In a multiline video bingo game, this system results in a game virtually indistinguishable from that nine-line game in the Vegas casino that has a 50-percent hit frequency. According to Lombardo, though, this method is also used on some of the traditional single-line, three-reel slots. In this case, the 50-percent frequency still stands, but not every win is a traditional reel combination. Because traditional games like Blazing 7s or Red, White & Blue generally have hit frequencies around 14 percent for the seven or eight possible winning combinations in the pay schedule, a 50-percent frequency would be impossible and still have the game make money for the casino.

To remedy this, Lombardo explains, “we came up with a bonus feature.” Fourteen-percent of results in the pool will be actual reel combinations, and the other 36 percent of the winners will yield a bonus symbol on the reels that will accumulate. When you accumulate 25 of those symbols, you win one bonus credit. Therefore, you still have the 50-percent frequency, but your frequency of reel wins is similar to what it is in the traditional Class III versions of those games.

In the other style of game, the odds of each winning bingo pattern is matched to the odds of each paying combination in the slot game. “We figured out the odds of hitting certain patterns on the bingo card,” Lombardo explains, “and we take those bingo patterns and plug them right into the payout scheme to replicate any Class III game.” Drawing from millions of possible patterns on a bingo card, programmers can match the odds of landing any given combination of symbols on a slot machine. In this way, each chosen bingo pattern can trigger a certain payout combination. Hit frequencies and percentages in this case will match a traditional slot exactly.

But what are those payback percentages, and how do we know they are fair? As you may know, the Seminole tribe is a sovereign nation, and its casinos are not subject to state regulation or public reporting of payback percentages. How do we know we’re getting a fair shake?

We know we’re getting a fair shake because tribal casinos must compete with all other casino choices, says Lombardo. “We are competitive with all Class III markets,” he says. “We’re not doing anything differently (with percentages) than Atlantic City, Las Vegas or Mississippi. We are competitive with any casino in the country.” He adds that he takes average bets in lower denominations into account when determining the payback percentage he wants to offer. “If I am requiring players to cover the lines on a 20-line nickel game, that’s a dollar bet,” says Lombardo. “I take that into consideration when I figure out the payback percentage I offer.”

Lombardo adds that tribal casinos have obligations to both the players and the slot manufacturers to keep the games fair. “Over the long hall, any player is going to know if you screw with percentages; they’ll know the difference,” he says. “And, a manufacturer is not going to give us their title if we are going to misrepresent that title (with low payback). We don’t want to kill a title.”

It is that respect for the player—and obligation to represent a manufacturer’s title fairly—that should make you approach the slot experience at the Hard Rock or other large Class II tribal casinos with expectations similar to those you have when playing slots in most major jurisdictions. In other words, you are likely to get a fair shake. They know that if you don’t, you will go elsewhere.


Class II Video Poker

We have noted before that video poker in a Class II tribal casino does not work in the same manner as video poker in a traditional casino. While this is true, it does not mean that it is unfair, or that you can’t win.

The result of any Class II video poker hand is predetermined by the result of the ball draw in the bingo game on the little screen. In some jurisdictions, you will be required to touch the screen to daub the bingo card and claim your prize.

Those results are determined by winning patterns on the bingo card. Using one of the two methods described above, a winning pattern will either trigger one of a stack of predetermined prizes or a corresponding video poker hand, according to the odds. The odds are calculated to be similar to the odds of a standard video poker game. You won’t find the player’s-advantage paytables in Class II, but the return represented by the pay schedule you do see will be similar to the return of that game in a traditional casino.

The real difference lies in the importance of perfect strategy. A Class II video poker game is actually better for the strategy novice, because the game will often correct your bonehead moves. If the bingo result determines you win the a certain prize, you will get that prize even if you make the wrong choice, through a special feature on the game.

For instance, on the IGT version of Class II video poker, let’s say your winning bingo pattern translates to the prize for four-of-a-kind, and you are dealt 10-c J-c Q-c J-h J-s. Even if you screw up and decide to go for the royal, the game will not let you. A “Genie” will appear on the screen and change your hand to four Jacks—for the quad prize that corresponds to the bingo pattern you got.

It’s better for the novice because it shows you the optimal strategy by changing your choice to match the bingo win. Other than that, the Hard Rock’s Lombardo says the games work like the standard versions of video poker—again, because the Class II casino will not risk “killing a manufacturer’s title.” “A lot of players may not know the difference between Class II and Class III,” he says. Rules for wheel of fortune game. “That’s why we replicate the video poker paytables as closely as possible. It would be a killer for us to do anything else.”